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Twitter Brings Emoji from App Versions to Desktop

Twitter Brings Emoji from App Versions to Desktop


Twitter Brings Emoji from App Versions to Desktop

There is another good news from Twitter. Those who are into the so-called emojis can now enjoy the use of those mini-icons when using the desktop or traditional version of the microblogging site. That is because the Website has officially brought that feature to its Web version.

The emojis in Twitter used to be exclusive to the app versions of the site specifically in Android and iOS. But since the release of those icons, they appeared as little empty boxes in the desktop version. Thus, users had to switch to the mobile app version of Twitter just to enjoy that exciting and creative feature.

But with the most recent update of Twitter, the emojis can now be seen on desktop version. In its announcement, the Website said the emojis can be accessed in all of its colorful and expressive glory on the Web version.

Some little glitch about the feature

However, as of press time, the emojis seem to appear in black and white on desktop. But they are already embedded in tweets. As of the moment, there also appears to be a minor glitch on the Tweetdeck that prevents some users from enjoying the ability to view the icons. A fix is already expected soon, according to sources.

But most users seem not to mind the minor setbacks. In fact, many desktop users are excited and delighted to finally get to use emojis. At this point, some of them already appreciate that the empty boxes are now filled with the corresponding icons that express emotions.

Can’t really please everybody at a time 

It could be recalled that emojis are popular but were not spared from controversies in the past months. That was because there were issues about equality in the service.

Apple’s library of emoji characters currently covers a wide range from Asians to Muslims to gay and straight people. But some African-Americans have complained that not many options are given to them. But Apple Inc said it would take steps to fill the gap. Although it did not give any timetable as to when it would happen.

The last emoji update on iOS was on 2012. That coincided when Apple released iOS 6.

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