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Twitter Blames Software Glitch for Its Second Crash in Nine Days

Twitter Blames Software Glitch for Its Second Crash in Nine Days


Twitter Blames Software Glitch for Its Second Crash in Nine Days

In case you are not aware, Twitter had an outage on Tuesday, March 11. The latest crash of the popular micro blogging site started at around 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT). The service became intermittent in the minutes that followed and ‘fully recovered’ at around 2:47 p.m. that same day.

The outage that lasted around 47 minutes was enough to serve as a setback on its shares in the stock market that same day. It could be noted that before Twitter confirmed that problem, its stock jumped to about 3.7%. But after that announcement, most of that gain was lost.

That crash also occurred just minutes before the site’s co-founder Biz Stone delivered a speech at the South by Southwest Interactive festival. For those who don’t know, that annual affair gathers technology enthusiasts, who have helped propel the social networking site to its current national and international fame back in 2007.

Twitter says ‘sorry’

As expected, Twitter humbly apologized for the outage. In a status blog it released about the issue, the Website simply said it had experienced ‘unexpected complication’ as it pushed through in the deployment of one of its core services.

The recent failure of the online site was logically blamed to a technical glitch, which is not unique to popular sites like Twitter. Such Websites often encounter problems when too much traffic congests its network. This problem, however, is also not unique to Twitter. Even its fellow social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram also report similar outages every once in a while.

Such outages are also not new to Twitter. For the early users of Twitter, they should be able to remember when the site was also regularly plagued by similar and more frequent outages. It should also be noted that Twitter is cited for investing more on how to improve its own reliability, which it successfully did prior to its public listing in November 2013.

Second in nine days

This occurrence is the second outage of Twitter in just nine days. Who would ever forget the record set by TV talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres when she took her selfie with other A-list Hollywood celebrities during the recent Academy Awards night. During the ceremony, Twitter also crashed for a few minutes.

The controversial selfie instantly became the talk of the town. It also featured Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Copper, Merryl Streep, and Julia Roberts. It instantly broke Twitter retweet records.

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