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Twitter Adds More Details into Its Dashboard Insights

Twitter Adds More Details into Its Dashboard Insights


Twitter Adds More Details into Its Dashboard Insights

Twitter Adds More Details into Its Dashboard InsightsTwitter has just refreshed its own tweet activity dashboard. The microblogging site now offers more details within its insights page. This means that users can now determine the performance of their 140-character tweets. Not surprisingly, there are more to that.

This refresh follows Twitter’s soft rolling out of its analytics tool last year. The new dashboard, however, would not be available to every Twitter user. The company emphasized that it would be exclusive to verified users as well as advertisers and Twitter Card publishers. That makes it different to the analytics tool that is accessible to average users.

New impressions metric

Before this, any user can easily measure the impact of his/her tweet just by merely looking at retweets and favorites. However, this information would still be available and accessible in the new and revamped dashboard.

Now, that dashboard would also show more details about how other Twitter users are engaging in your tweets. You would also determine the total volume of impressions raked in by your tweets.

This new impressions metric would tell users how many times each of their tweets has been viewed through the Website’s iOS and Android apps as well as on the desktop, through Users can now view the overall impressions on each tweet. The breakdown could be by the hour or by the day.

More features

Moreover, the refreshed insight would also provide information on the total impressions for all the user’s tweets within a 28-day period. It could also make an instant comparison about how the average within the period compares to the average in the last period.

And lastly, a user can now determine the number of times other Twitter users have clicked on his/her hashtags and/or links. It would also be possible to see the data about the profile views and follows received by a particular tweet. If a tweet includes App Card, it would be possible to see how many times other users have clicked for the installation or opening of that app.

Twitter has been actively refreshing and revamping its own portal for the improvement of the site. In the past several months, it has introduced a number of changes that have all aimed to make the site a better microblogging platform for everyone.

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