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Twitpic Shuts Down Due to Trademark Issue with Twitter

Twitpic Shuts Down Due to Trademark Issue with Twitter


Twitpic Shuts Down Due to Trademark Issue with Twitter

Twitpic Shuts Down Due to Trademark Issue with TwitterIn case you have heard about the photo-sharing app Twitpic and you have been wondering if it is a spinoff of Twitter, now is the time you get enlightened. Twitpic and Twitter are not connected to each other, except for the fact that the latter lets the former exist by providing a service similar or supportive to its own.

But now, Twitter has made a mark to show all other apps that it is firm in protecting its brand and trademark. Twitpic has announced that it will end its service on September 25 after being around for six years. The app is thankful to Twitter but it also blames it for its pending demise.

According to the founder of Twitpic, Twitter formally threatened to revoke its API access unless it drops a trademark application. Noah Everett thought it would just be better to cease operating Twitpic altogether.

Trademark dispute

Twitpic also said it was shocked to learn that it could not proceed to its trademark application unless it overcomes that last and most impossible hurdle. It has been in operations since 2008. It started its trademark application in 2009.

In a blog post, Twitpic said it has amazingly overcome all the challenges and hurdles along the way to getting a trademark approval. But the final hurdle would be the last difficulty that it could never overcome.

In a the usual process, when a trademark application overcomes the hurdles, it will be the US Patent and Trademark Office that will then publish a notice to the public. It then calls on other parties to state their objections within 30 days. That was the time when Twitter reached out to Twitpic’s counsel to inform them that it would deny access to API unless it drops its trademark application.

Backing out of fight

At this point, Twitpic admits that it is relatively smaller compared to Twitter and that it does not possess the financial resources to have a legal battle with the larger counterpart. Thus, the demise of Twitpic is coming.

For its part, Twitter said it is also saddened by Twitpic’s decision but implied that it had to do its best to protect its brand and its trademark.

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