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Twitpic ‘Lives On’ with the Help of Yet Unidentified New Owner

Twitpic ‘Lives On’ with the Help of Yet Unidentified New Owner


Twitpic ‘Lives On’ with the Help of Yet Unidentified New Owner

Twitpic ‘Lives On’ with the Help of Yet Unidentified New OwnerTwitpic, a photo sharing service, is supposed to shut down on September 25. A few weeks ago, the website broke the bad news to its users, blaming Twitter for the expected untimely demise. For those who would miss the service, good news was recently announced by the website, using its Twitter account, ironically.

Before the weekend, Twitpic revealed that it has been bought by an unidentified party, which it said it would identify once it gets the go-signal. With the help of the mystery buyer, Twitpic assured its users that it would ‘live on.’

Logically, the new owner has the financial capacity and the resources to back Twitpic as it struggles to continue its existence on the virtual world. This hints that Twitpic would not tap enough resources to stage a battle against Twitter. And this makes the identity of the mystery buyer more interesting. A guessing game would surely arise.

Twitpic blames Twitter

The announced demise of Twitpic a few weeks ago was attributed to a trademark dispute with the microblogging site. According to Twitpic, Twitter’s legal counsel reached out to it and threatened that the bigger site would revoke Twitpic’s API access unless the latter drops its ongoing trademark application.

That threat came as a major blow to Twitpic, which was founded in 2008. It filed its trademark application in 2009 before the US Patent and Trademark Office. Apparently, that application has overcome the initial until it came to the point wherein it needed to publish a public notice calling for objections to the patent approval within 30 days. That was the time Twitter made its stand against the site.

Twitter protects its trademark

For its part, it could be understandable why Twitter would object to the trademark. The name ‘Twitpic’ might logically cause confusion among users as the service somehow resembles Twitter only that it focuses mainly on sharing photos.

Interestingly, Twitter also recently rolled out its very own photo posting feature. It has made it much easier for its users to snap as well as share images or pictures in the Web ore mobile app. As it turns out, the looming battle between Twitter and Twitpic would be more interesting with the entry of a mystery third party. Stay tuned.

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