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The Twelve South TimePorter – A Portable Case for Apple Watch and Charger

The Twelve South TimePorter – A Portable Case for Apple Watch and Charger
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The Twelve South TimePorter – A Portable Case for Apple Watch and Charger

Apple is often too busy to ponder over potentially useful accessories for its products and directs most of its efforts on coming up with the latest tech. Because of this, there are quite a number of third party brands that capitalize on it by introducing high-end accessories that perfectly complements Apple’s products. Twelve South is one of those brands that have recently released a portable case for Apple watch and charger, calling it the TimePorter.

The Verge has described the overall appearance of the TimePorter as resembling that of an eyeglass case. The case is big enough to accommodate the Apple watch, USB charger, and extra watch bands. The case can also be used as a charging stand or simply as a display unit for Apple watches.

The mechanism is simple enough. A charger-sized hole exists in the center of the cover, plugged with a piece of red plastic. Once the case is opened, one can spot a cavity with the cable guide strung around it. This is meant to hold the portion of the charging cable that will not be in use. When not in use, the charger can be coiled inside the case and the red cap can replace the magnetic charging disc, meant for the Apple watch.

The lid is flexible and can be positioned however one wants when the charger is installed and the watch is being charged. It can also be used in the “Nightstand Mode” as the magnetic force at play is strong enough to not let the Apple watch budge from its place while charging.

Perhaps some of the disadvantages that the TimePorter has are its bulky and less-than-attractive design and the fact that it does not come with a built-in battery.

9to5Mac reports that the Twelve South TimePorter will start shipping from early May 2016 and is currently priced at $49.99.

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