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Turkey, Russia Both Lying About Downed Russian Bomber

Turkey, Russia Both Lying About Downed Russian Bomber
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Turkey, Russia Both Lying About Downed Russian Bomber

Two astrophysicists from Belgium made an analysis of a video showing the downing of the Russian bomber in Turkey-Syria border.

Two astrophysicists from Belgium made an analysis of a video showing the downing of the Russian bomber in Turkey-Syria border. They used physics in computing the speed and altitude of the plane at the very moment of the attack.

The mathematicians concluded that the plane was indeed in Turkish airspace but for a much shorter time. That made it impossible to issue ten warnings as what President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claimed. On the other hand, Russia was not avoiding the Turkish border as deduced from the map released by President Vladimir Putin’s camp.

Astrophysicists Tom van Doorsslaere and Giovanni Lapenta calculated that the Russian Sukhoi plane was only in the Turkish-Syria airspace for a brief 7.5 seconds rather than the 17 seconds alleged by Turkey. Based on this, the scientists concluded that the ten warnings said to be given by Turkish pilots are made in anticipation that the plane was about to enter the airspace and not at the specific instance that the plane actually “invaded” the territory.

“How could the Turkish air force predict that the Russian jet was about to enter Turkish air space? Military jets are very agile, and in theory the Russian jet could have turned at the last moment to avoid Turkish airspace,” the scientists wrote in a blog which was translated in English by Fox News. “The warnings issued to the Russian pilots were mere speculation at the moment they were made,” the astrophysicists said.

In another translation made from Motherboard, the scientists noted that the Russian map, on the other hand, showed that the Russian bomber made a ninety-degree turn after it was hit. The two mathematicians said this was impossible. “A change of course of 90 degrees can only be achieved with an object that’s many times heavier or faster than the jet. From this we can conclude that the jets were not actively trying to avoid Turkish territory, which is the Russian side of the story,” they wrote.

Turkey claimed its action was defensive in nature because Russia’s airstrike against the ISIS is killing civilians. This resulted to more refugees coming into Turkey. President Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, claimed Turkey wants Russia out of Syria because intelligence they have showed that Turkey is buying oil from the ISIS which in effect funds the terrorist organization.

The downing of the Russian jet made a complicated scenario, one that set a chilling vibe of a possible World War 3. Turkey is a NATO ally. It is also in Syria as part of the U.S.-led coalition airstrikes against the ISIS. Russia’s relationship with NATO and U.S. has been tensed since annexation of Crimea in March 2014. Russia versus NATO and U.S. is one scenario that reminds greatly of the Cold War era.

Incidentally, Russia tested its “doomsday” command center intended to maintain communication and protect the president in case a nuclear war erupts as previously reported by Morning USA. On the other hand, a Hawaii representative warned President Barack Obama of an impending nuclear war with Russia.

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