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Turkey Dogs Still Granted US Citizenships Despite Refugee Ban

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Turkey Dogs Still Granted US Citizenships Despite Refugee Ban

At a time when refugees are being turned away in America, a lovable breed of Turkey dogs is being granted asylum. In fact, Golden Retrievers have continued to arrive in the U.S. after being saved from certain death in Turkey.

Unlike other breeds, Golden Retrievers are gentle creatures. They love being around people and enjoy doing fun activities. Certain dog owners in Turkey didn’t realize that when they bought them as puppies, they would grow big and energetic. Upon realizing this, they give up their dogs one way or another.

“They end up throwing them away, or giving them to shelters,” Yasemin Baban explained in a video report by CBS News. Baban, along with Edna Surujon, run a rescue center for dogs in Istanbul. Here, a good number of Turkey dogs are Golden Retrievers. The center’s goal is to get as much dogs as it can off the streets where they have been left behind.

Turkey dogs left to beg for food while dodging passing cars

Golden Retrievers do not survive well in Turkey. They are often attacked by more aggressive breeds on the streets. Just the same, these dogs would try to their best to dodge traffic so they can beg for scraps of food.

Some Turkey dogs have to be left behind

When asked what they thought would happen to dogs if they don’t get rescued, Baban could barely answer. “I don’t even want to think, but we can’t take all of them, there are so many every day,” she explained.

Today, organizations across America are doing what they can to make sure these Turkey dogs find loving homes after making their journey to the U.S. Among them is Adopt A Golden Atlanta. The organization has been rescuing Golden Retrievers from Istanbul since 2015.

Today, the organization continues to fly in Golden Retrievers from Turkey in groups. To help rescue more of these dogs, you can always send a donation. Meanwhile, you can also choose to sponsor a Turkey dog for $1,000. This will help finance a dog’s plane ride. At the same time, you can also do a half-sponsorship worth $500.

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