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Tumblr Improves Security by Implementing Two-Factor Authentication

Tumblr Improves Security by Implementing Two-Factor Authentication


Tumblr Improves Security by Implementing Two-Factor Authentication

Tumblr has bolstered its security measure. That was after the Yahoo-owned microblogging platform introduced and rolled out its unique Two-Factor Authentication. The new feature requires users to key in a special code aside from their usual account password every time they are logging in into the Website.

This move comes about eight months following a mysterious breach that compromised accounts of some of Tumblr’s users. The website then advised its users, particularly those using iOS devices, to modify their passwords to make sure their accounts would not encounter any possible problem.

In a blog post, Tumblr reiterated that the new two-factor authentication process is a measure for added security. It used its creativity in playing words just to make a point about how important online security is especially to users of such sites.

Just an optional feature

Tumblr also clarified that the two-factor authentication process is a new option. That means that its users may opt to use it or to ditch it. Those who prefer added security could activate two-factor authentication by going into the Settings page. From there, the ‘two-factor authentictaion’ button located at the right could be toggled.

After doing that act, you would be asked to verify your telephone or mobile number. Then, the site would send an SMS containing a six-digit code, which should be entered within just two minutes, or it would be forfeited.

It is that easy. The new security feature is already activated. After that, you would receive a unique code via SMS each time you try to log in into your account in the microblogging service.

Turning off and opting out

However, it could be a different process for mobile users. For Android and iOS users, simply go to the Account Settings portion of the app. From there, generate a one-time, special password that would allow you to log in using your mobile apps. That special password would only be entered once, so there is no need to worry if you eventually forget about it.

Moreover, Tumblr users could easily and instantly turn off the feature anytime. To do so, also go to the Settings section. But the Website strongly advises against doing so. It said the two-factor authentication process could be somehow tedious to some users, but it would more likely help ensure the overall security of each user of the microblogging platform. 

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