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Tulsa Shooting: Conspiracy, ‘Sugar Daddy’ Scandal Shroud Sherriff’s Office

Tulsa Shooting: Conspiracy, ‘Sugar Daddy’ Scandal Shroud Sherriff’s Office
The sherriff in town Valerie Everett/Flickr CC by 2.0


Tulsa Shooting: Conspiracy, ‘Sugar Daddy’ Scandal Shroud Sherriff’s Office

Image from Flickr by Valerie Everett

The sherriff in town Valerie Everett/Flickr CC by 2.0

There is conspiracy of falsifying training documents of reserve deputy Robert Bates, who was charged with manslaughter for shooting an unarmed suspect with a handgun he thought was a Taser. Unnamed sources from the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office have more scandalous claims: Bates is Sheriff Stanley Glanz’ ‘sugar daddy.’

Conspiracy inside Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office

For Bates to qualify as reserve deputy, supervisors at Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office were instructed to falsify training documents, making it appear that Bates finished field training and is certified to carry arms. The supervisors who rejected to heed with instructions were transferred, the Tulsa World reported, citing unnamed insiders from the Sheriff’s Office.

The report was not clear as to who was giving the orders at that time. However, Sheriff Stanley Glanz was notably defensive of Bates. He had previously said that Bates is certified to carry weapons, including the handgun he fired at the suspect. Indeed, the Sheriff’s Office released a list of all training courses that Bates is said to have attended to certify as reserve deputy.

However, Glanz said that the paperwork to support Bates’ qualification to carry weapons can no longer be found, as the deputy in charge of it has moved to work for the Secret Service.

“We can’t find the records that she supposedly turned in. So we are going to talk to her to find out if for sure he’s been qualified with those (weapons),” Glanz was quoted as saying by the Tulsa World.

Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office was not able to release the names of the supervisors who signed Bates’ certifications.

Undersheriff Tim Albin rejected claims that the Sheriff’s Office falsified documents and that some supervisors who are not agreeable to the order were transferred.

“The training record speaks for itself. I have absolutely no knowledge of what you are talking about. There aren’t any secrets in law enforcement. Zero. Those types of issues would have come up.”

Bates is sheriff’s ‘sugar daddy’

Sources who have spoken with The Daily Beast have more scandalous claims.

Bates is known to be a rich Tulsa insurance executive. He had in fact afforded to pay the $25,000 bond for his temporary freedom pending trial.

Bates had also served as Glanz’ re-election campaign manager in 2012. He has donated five cars for the Sheriff’s Office and has reportedly paid for staff’s luxurious trips.

Unnamed sources told The Daily Beast that Bates is Glanz’ sugar daddy and Bates is actually a “pay to play” policeman.

“Bob Bates came on board because he had all this money,” the source told The Daily Beast.

Bates can afford to bring the Sheriff and other officials to “cruises in the Bahamas and in Mexico all the time. [Bates] foots the bill. The sheriff just gave him free rein because he was treating him right. He bought his way into this position,” the source said.

Another source said that Bates was “getting glad-handed” in the office for having so much wealth. “This is your typical Southern good ol’ boys system,” he said.

The Daily Beast sought comments from Major Shannon T. Clark of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office regarding the information.

“I’m not going to respond to that. His personal life has nothing to do with this story,” Clark wrote in an email to The Daily Beast.

Lawyer for Bates, Scott Wood, said his client and staff went on a trip to Bahamas. However, he has no knowledge whether Bates paid for the trip. He said the trip was similar to that of a bunch of friends hanging out somewhere.

“You have to know Bob Bates. I know that he vacations in the Bahamas, I know that other members in the Sheriff’s Office have gone with him. But it would be like if we were college friends and we all said, ‘Let’s go there.’”


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