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Try The Apple Watch Via Augmented Reality, Or Donate To Qinmin Liu

Try The Apple Watch Via Augmented Reality, Or Donate To Qinmin Liu
Image from Underside Facebook Page


Try The Apple Watch Via Augmented Reality, Or Donate To Qinmin Liu

Fans who are still undecided which Apple Watch edition to purchase can try out the Sport edition via augmented reality, made possible by the app ARWatch from Belgian IT firm Underside.

On the other hand, wealthier fans who wouldn’t mind donating the Apple Watch Gold Edition can do so to artist Qinmin Liu, who is looking for 50 Apple Watch donors for an art project.

Apple Watch Augmented Reality Via iPhone, Printer and Scissors

By employing augmented reality, the ARWatch app will give users the chance to simulate how the Apple Watch Sport edition will look on their wrists. All they have to do is download the app through their iPhones, print the PDF, cut out the watch’s face and stick the cutout on their wrists.

Once the app recognizes the face of the Apple watch, users will then see a 3D rendition of the Apple Watch Sport edition. Tapping on the cutout face of the Apple Watch will allow users to change the color of the bands from black to green, white, blue and pink.

Users are forewarned, though, that the ARWatch app does not officially come from the App Store.

“Keep in mind that this app is not from the App Store, so you’ll be asked to trust the developer before you can actually use the app. I tried it on my test device, and experienced no issues, but since it’s not from the official App Store, we can’t outright recommend that you use it,” Jeff Benjamin wrote on iDownloadBlog.

Donate 50 Apple Watch Gold Editions

Qinmin Liu, a Chinese artist based in San Francsico, is looking for donors to help her collect 50 Apple Watch Gold Edition for her planned installation art project. Donations can be monetary or actual units of the Gold edition, yellow gold or rose gold.

“If you own or plan to purchase a 18k gold apple watch, you are rich and evil. We are offering you one way out: donate to us. After all, why on earth you need a watch,” the artist wrote on her Google donation page.

“PS: if you know Bill Gates, tell him about us. He hates Apple watch more than anyone since Microsoft can never make one,” she added.

The artist explained that her project aims to understand the behavior and the phenomena behind Apple.

“Believe it or not, as an artist I couldn’t care less about the technology and price. I care more about individuals’ behaviors and want to explore the relationship between desire and action. In 2012, a Chinese teen sold his kidney to buy an iPhone and an iPad. What caused this to happen? What can we see from this news? Questions and concerns lead me to spark a dialogue with Apple Watch,” she told CNET.


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