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Trump’s Border Wall Will Take Land From Americans

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Trump’s Border Wall Will Take Land From Americans

It seems nothing is going to stop president Donald Trump’s border wall. Not even if it means taking land from some Americans.

Before Trump’s inauguration took place, Yvette Salinas had received a legal notice from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Inside was a document detailing how they soon could lose their land as Trump pushes his plans to erect the wall. The legal notice is called the “Declaration of Taking.” Under such, the government would take over Salinas’ land, which would be utilized for constructing Trump’s wall.

According to a copy of the letter published by the Texas Observer, the DHS is acquiring Salinas’ mother’s property in order to “construct a fence and related improvements designed to secure the border.” As compensation, the DHS has determined the value of Salinas’ property to be $2,900.

Salinas is not receiving condemnation notice for the first time.

This is not the first time Salinas had received a condemnation notice. Back in 2008, she had received the same $2,900 offer from the government to give up her land. Others in her area of Los Ebanos received similar letters.

However, Salinas’ land issue had been dropped for some time. This is because the U.S. and Mexico established a treaty that prevents construction in the floodplain to prevent floodwater from pushing to surrounding areas. Los Ebanos is located in one of these floodplains.

Some people also believe that Trump’s wall would do no good. “What’s helped us tremendously and is less expensive is the technology — the aerostat balloons, the ground sensors and even boots on the ground,” Salinas’ cousin, Aleida Garcia, pointed out.

Texan ranchers have mixed opinions about Trump’s wall.

This is the same stance other Texans have taken when it comes to Trump’s plans to build a border wall. This is according to a video report from the Wall Street Journal. While some Texans support the idea, others believe it would not effectively deter people from crossing. Ranchers John Ladd and Kelly Glenn-Kimbro said there should be more border patrol officers in the area. At the same time, they both believe that improved technology such as sensors and cameras would help.

As for the wall itself, Ladd believes it would help, but Glenn-Kimbro believes the plan will not work. “I’ve been pretty cynical about this 10-foot wall but there’s no argument that the 18 foot is going to be an absolute improvement.” Border Patrol has started raising sections of the fence along Ladd’s ranch from 10 to 18 feet.

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