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Trump Staff ‘Purging’ Devices, Avoid Giving Possible Russia Evidence

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Trump Staff ‘Purging’ Devices, Avoid Giving Possible Russia Evidence

Members of President Donald Trump’s White House transition team are reportedly ‘purging’ their various electronic communications devices. This is said to be in anticipation of subpoenas they may receive as the investigation into Trump associates’ Russian ties continues.

The investigation into any possible collusion between Trump’s people and Russia is currently in progress. Because of this, various Trump staffers are said to be ‘purging’ their phones. These include staff serving the White House at present and those who worked in the Trump transition team. At the same time, they are also reportedly deleting various important information.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell broke the story on her show “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on Friday. “I’m told that there are a lot of former transition team members in and outside of the White House now purging their private phones,” Mitchell said. According to her, the Trump staff members are expecting to receive a subpoena. Weighing in on the issue, Rep. Dan Donovan of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said that staff would be “violating the law” if they had purged information.

Staff told not to delete any Russia information.

The alleged purging comes after White House lawyers had reportedly instructed Trump’s staff to preserve evidence linked to Russia evidence. According to a report from AP, they were told to keep materials regarding any contact the Trump administration and transition team has had with Russia. This includes Russian government officials as well as other associates. Moreover, the order reportedly came from a memo from White House counsel Don McGahn. Aside from Trump staff, other individuals, organizations and agencies also received instructions to preserve information.

In response to this, a White House spokesman said that they were “simply taking proactive steps.” Moreover, he called the accusation against Trump team members to be nothing but “false and politically motivated attacks.”

Americans said the investigation into Trump team’s ties with Russia is necessary.

While rumors are spreading that Trump staff are purging information, Americans are making it clear they want to get to the bottom of the Russia issue. In fact, one poll from Huffington Post revealed that as much as 47 percent say the alleged Russian ties is a serious problem. More importantly, 64 percent the FBI’s investigation into the matter is necessary.

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