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Trump & Sanders Win New Hampshire Primary

Trump & Sanders Win New Hampshire Primary
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Trump & Sanders Win New Hampshire Primary

It is a case of predictions coming true for the New Hampshire primary as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders emerged as winners.

It is a case of predictions coming true for the New Hampshire primary as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders emerged as winners.

As opposed to the Iowa Caucus, the New Hampshire primary worked out well for first-time Republican presidential candidate and business mogul Donald Trump. According to Associated Press, the controversial candidate emerged victorious with 33.8 percent of the votes. Meanwhile, Ohio governor John Kasich came in second place with 15.5 percent of votes while Jeb Bush trailed a bit further behind with 11.6 percent of the votes. The former Florida governor is actually tied with Texas senator Ted Cruz, who had won the Iowa Caucus.

Throughout the day, Trump has been busy emphasizing his political platforms on Twitter. He talked about tackling ISIS head on. The Islamic State has reportedly been “making big threats” during the day of the primary, showing that they have no respect for the U.S. or President Obama. Trump said it would be “a very different story, with very fast results” if he were to become president.

Next, Trump swore to “repeal and replace ObamaCare,” vowing to save money and improve the current healthcare system. And lastly, the controversial Republican candidate also made a case for improved border security, especially when it comes to drugs like heroin that come in through New Hampshire. Meanwhile, Cruz’s campaign has been utilizing an ad that portrays Trump as someone who “pretends to be a Republican” and whose values shouldn’t be tolerated.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders emerged victorious over Iowa Caucus winner Hillary Clinton. Sanders remarkably secured 58.1 percent of the votes while Clinton only got 39.8 percent. The former Secretary of State had ended up conceding to Sanders and even sent out a congratulatory message to her fiercest Democratic presidential rival. Meanwhile, Sanders took to Twitter immediately to thank his supporters. Now, The Wall Street Journal reports that the New Hampshire Democratic winner is currently playing basketball with his supporters.

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