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Trump Praises Ford’s $1.2 Billion Investment In Michigan

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Trump Praises Ford’s $1.2 Billion Investment In Michigan

If there is one thing that makes President Donald Trump very happy, it’s the announcement of jobs. And so, it is understandable that he was very thrilled when Ford announced a new investment amounting to $1.2 billion in Michigan.

Ford Motor Company has just announced that it is investing $1.2 billion to bolster three manufacturing facilities in Michigan. This will help strengthen the company’s position in the trucks and SUV markets. “As America’s top producer of automobiles, we are proud to be going even further in our commitment to invest in manufacturing here at home,” Joe Hinrichs, Ford president for The Americas, explained.

Ford will retool one plant for Ranger and Bronco production.

According to the company, $850 million will go to the Michigan Assembly Plant. They plan to retool the facility in order to build all-new Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco models. The production of the Ranger will start by the end of 2018 as they target Bronco production for 2020.

At the same time, Ford also said that it would invest $150 million in expanding its capacity for engine components at its Romeo Engine Plant. The Romeo Engine Plant is responsible for producing engines for the Ford Shelby GT 350 Mustang, Shelby GT35OR Mustang and more.

Ford to build a second data center.

On the other hand, Ford also said it will invest $200 million in the development of an advanced data center. This is the second of two new data centers that Ford plans to build in Michigan. The second data center will be located at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant. In this facility, Ford has already said it is investing a further $700 million and creating 700 direct new jobs. At the same time, Ford announced that the new hefty investments will also give way to creating or retaining 130 jobs.

Trump takes the time to praise Ford’s latest announcement.

Meanwhile, Trump also acknowledged Ford’s new investment in Michigan. While speaking about his new executive order on Energy Independence, he declared that Ford just made “a great announcement.” “It means jobs, jobs, jobs,” the president further remarked.

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