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Trump Donates First Quarter Salary To National Park Service

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Trump Donates First Quarter Salary To National Park Service

President Donald Trump is staying true to his word when it comes to his salary as commander-in-chief. Recently, Trump decided to donate his entire first-quarter salary to the National Park Service.

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and Superintendent of Harper’s Ferry Park site Brandyburg recently received a check from White House press secretary Sean Spicer. It was for the amount of $78,333, an amount equal to Trump’s entire salary for the first quarter.

“It is every penny that the President received from the first quarter,” Spicer explained during a recent press briefing. In response, Zinke remarked, “We think it will cash, though.” According to Spicer, Trump is more than happy to give his first paycheck to the Park Service, an agency responsible for taking care of parks since 1916. “The President is personally proud to contribute the first quarter of his salary to the important mission of the Park Service, which is preserving our country’s national security.”

Trump looks to help preserve historic battlefields across America.

“I am thrilled at the President’s decision to donate the check he did today,” Zinke remarked. Being a veteran himself, Zinke stated that the president’s salary would go towards helping improve infrastructure across the country’s battlefields. According to Zinke, the country is now $100 to $229 million behind in deferred maintenance for battlefields alone. There are as many as 25 national battlefields in the country.

For some time now, the National Park Service has been actively working on its American Battlefield Program (ABPP). The goal is to protect battlefields and sites of armed conflicts throughout the course of American history. Some of the sites it works to preserve are associated with the Civil War, the American Revolution and the War of 1812. According to Spicer, President Trump is more than happy to help “restore our great battlegrounds.”

While on the campaign trail, Trump had promised not to accept a salary if he is elected president. However, it later became clear that the current president is not allowed to turn away his paycheck. This is what led him to the decision to donate his salary as president instead.

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