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True Love? Rob Kardashian Fetched Blac Chyna From Jail, Even It Was A 20-Hour Long Drive

True Love? Rob Kardashian Fetched Blac Chyna From Jail, Even It Was A 20-Hour Long Drive
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True Love? Rob Kardashian Fetched Blac Chyna From Jail, Even It Was A 20-Hour Long Drive

How far can you go to fetch your love? For Rob Kardashian, he can drive a 20 hour-long ride just to rescue his love, Blac Chyna.  Chyna was jailed in Texas back in January and Kardashian made the valiant effort to get her. He had to pay the cost in terms of an expired and suspended licence.

Rob, who is currently engaged to Blac Chyna, is so much in love with the lady. In January, when she was arrested and was in Texas jail, Rob came to the rescue. The reality star told in an interview to TMZ, “I take Ubers daily. My license is suspended,” adding, “It’s expired and suspended.”

Talking with the cameraman, he revealed why his license got suspended. “Just life. I really don’t even know,” he also added, “I think I just have to take care of something — a ticket — and my birthday just passed.” When he was asked why he got the ticket, he said he was speeding for a couple of times.

Chyna got arrested at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas on January 29 for intoxication and drug possession.

Chyna is not the only one who got into legal trouble, though. Her BFF, Charmeika “Paige” Addison is also involved in a car crash case. Radar Online reported, that the car she was driving belonged to Chyna and the Addison fled the scene after the accident.

Her criminal complaint read, “On or about November 8, 2015 in the county of Los Angeles, the crime of hit and run driving resulting in injury to another person…” It also mentioned, “A Felony, was committed by Charmeika Lafay Addison, who was driving a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to another person and failed to immediately stop and give his or her name and give his or her current residence address…”

As Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are currently enjoying their engagement, these revelations showed how true Rob’s feelings are for the model.

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