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True Detective 2 Recap And Spoilers – Expect New Mysteries

True Detective 2 Recap And Spoilers – Expect New Mysteries
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True Detective 2 Recap And Spoilers – Expect New Mysteries

Just after two episodes, “True Detective” season 2 has succeeded to turn the heat on.  The main characters of the season do not only look complex but the mystery also seems to expand its wings in a more intense way.

The 1st season got much appreciation from critics as well as audience due to its excellent script, tight direction and the performance put on by Matthew McConaughey. The first season indeed made expectations high for season 2 as well and till now it has been able to pull off quite nicely.

As far as “True Detective” recaps go, the first episode of the new season introduces a bunch of characters living in the fictional city of Vinci, California. Ben Caspere, the city manager, suddenly disappears which forced Frank Semyon, his corrupt business partner, to make due presentations.

In a flashback, Ray Velcoro, police detective of Vinci, is shown to have known the name of the rapist of his ex-wife from Semyon. Presently, he works as a hand of Semyon.

The other character introduced in the episode was Antigone Bezzerides, the Ventura County detective, and Paul Woodrugh, a highway patrol officer who is sent on a leave after a false accusation. Late at night, while driving his motorbike with suicidal ferocity, Woodrugh discovers the corpse of Casper on a bench, eyes burnt.

The death of Casper made Seymon lose most of his fortune, which enraged him to begin his own investigation. Woodrugh is recruited by state investigators as an investigator for the case, and Bezzerides is informed by her seniors about Velcoro’s closeness with Seymon. The autopsy report of Caspere’s body shows that he was tortured before the murder.

As Velcoro is informed by Seymon about Caspere’s secret house, he went inside to search of clues, where he is encountered by a masked person who shoots him twice. At this point the episode ends, leaving the audience clueless enough for a week to crave to know what happens next.

Well, if “True Detective” season 2 is not following the steps of “Game of Thrones,” Ray cannot be dead so quickly, right? So we are excited to see how the story unfolds in this week’s episode.

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