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True Android Vs iPhone War Coming: Google To Release Non-Nexus Phone Against Apple

True Android Vs iPhone War Coming: Google To Release Non-Nexus Phone Against Apple
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True Android Vs iPhone War Coming: Google To Release Non-Nexus Phone Against Apple

Google wants to shake things up further in the smartphone market as it will reportedly be releasing a new handset of its own. Gone will be the days when Google has partnered with other companies to develop mobile units, since the company seeks to compete directly with Apple’s iPhone. Is a true Android and iPhone war coming? 

Google’s New Phone

Nexus devices have always been known to provide the true Android experience, but the units are not directly from Google. This has made it difficult to compare the Android system versus the iPhone, which is directly manufactured by Apple. Things are about to change, as Google wants its own phone that can compete with the iPhone.

According to The Telegraph, the tech giant has been talking to mobile operators about releasing a Google-branded phone that will broaden the company’s offerings to hardware. Information came from sources familiar to the matter, according to The Telegraph. Google is already the mind behind most smartphones sold across the globe.

It has also worked with partners like Huawei and LG. While it has concentrated on software for the most part, it looks like the company is realizing the opportunities of making its own hardware. The senior source noted that Google plans to release the device sometime by the end of the year. Google will also be taking more initiative over the design, manufacturing and software. 

Google’s Hardware Division

According to Ars Tehnica, Google has formally created a hardware division back in April. The company designated Rick Osterloh, a former president of Motorola, as the head of the division. The division, as with the newest reports, coincides with Google’s plans to streamline the production of all the hardware currently in development.

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