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Trucker Dad Babysits Doll For 9-year-old Daughter, See Funny Pics Here

Trucker Dad Babysits Doll For 9-year-old Daughter, See Funny Pics Here
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Trucker Dad Babysits Doll For 9-year-old Daughter, See Funny Pics Here

A man from Kansas posted a series of pictures on Facebook while he was “babysitting” his daughter’s doll.

Trent McCain said his nine-year-old daughter Joselyn asked that he spend quality time with her doll, Abbie. Joselyn wanted her father to take her doll with him to work.

“The next day, I didn’t think she’d remember,” McCain said, as reported by Inside Edition. But Joselyn did, and McCain happily obliged to his father’s request. He complied by what she’d asked and posted pictures of his day with Abbie on Facebook.

“I didn’t want Joselyn thinking I threw Abbie in the sleeper and forgot about her,” McCain, who owns a Kansas trucking company, said. “She has been sending instructions via FB all day.”

In one of the Facebook posts, McCain said he and the doll had a Slim Jim and a Coke for their snack. “We took a break while loading wheat for a mid morning snack” was the caption of the picture. Joselyn, however, didn’t approve of this choice of snack.

“Joselyn didn’t appreciate our choice, but I informed her that Abbie ate what I ate, and didn’t complain,” McCain wrote. The posts can be viewed towards the end of the story.

McCain babysat Abbie for the remainder of the day.

“Why not have fun with it?” he said. “We thought it would be fun to show Joselyn that we were doing our job and babysitting Abbie.”

Since the posts were shared, they have received in excess of 200,000 reactions and have been shared as many as 90,000 times.

“She’s very much a little mother hen, as you can tell with Abbie,” Joselyn’s mother Jodi said, as reported by WRCB-TV. “She’s got several dolls [but] Abbie is very much her favourite.”

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