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Trio Of Mars, Jupiter & Saturn To Grace Night Sky Throughout June

Trio Of Mars, Jupiter & Saturn To Grace Night Sky Throughout June


Trio Of Mars, Jupiter & Saturn To Grace Night Sky Throughout June

Astronomers and stargazers will not want to miss out on this!

Throughout the month of June, Mars Jupiter, and Saturn will be visible in the night sky starting sunset.

As reported by WNCT, Jupiter will be viewable in the western night sky from sunset until midnight. Meanwhile, Mars will be visible in the southeast sky above Saturn after sunset. Both these planets will be positioned close to the star Antares, and they will form a triangle in the southeast sky throughout the night. Moreover, the two planets will also be at their brightest in early June, offering a spectacular treat to stargazers.

While Mars was closest to Earth on May 30, it will now begin to move away. Its brightness and size, as a result, will start lessening beginning June 1, as reported by While the red planet was as close as 47.3 miles away from Earth in the beginning of June, this distance will increase to 53 million miles by the end of the month. Its brightness will also be affected.

Morning News USA previously reported that the red planet was closest to the Earth in the last 11 years, and this distance will further shorten two years from now.

While the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, can be seen in the west southwest during twilight, it will be positioned to the upper left of Regulus and will be moving away from the star.

Meanwhile, on June 18, the moon will be visible towards the south southeast of the sky, which less than 36 hours from full phase will be positioned about 2.5 degrees to the upper left of a celestial object with a yellowish-white hue. This object, notes, is Saturn.

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