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Tribune Releases Newsbeat App that Reads Aloud News Stories

Tribune Releases Newsbeat App that Reads Aloud News Stories


Tribune Releases Newsbeat App that Reads Aloud News Stories

Are you missing the AM radio on your car stereo? Don’t you have enough time to read the newspaper? Now, as you drive going to your office or back to your home, you can check out the news from the daily newspapers. How can that be possible when you can’t read news articles while at the same time steering the wheel?

That is how the Newsbeat app is there for. The Tribune Digital Ventures, the digital arm of Tribune newspapers, has released the new app to read aloud published news stories to its users. The idea is to convey news and information to people who are on the go and those who prefer to be informed through audio streaming.

Thousands of news articles daily

Each day, users could get access to as many as 7,000 daily news stories. The app’s library of information includes news articles from numerous licensed sources in the US. Of course, those sources include the Tribune group of newspapers like the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun, and the Los Angeles Times. It is not yet clear if international news sources would eventually be added or if other local
newspapers would be read aloud as well.

Basically, Newsbeat app has all the information you will need today. It includes themes like local and world news, sports, technology, entertainment, and business. The app is already available as a free download specifically in Apple Inc’s iTunes Store and Google’s Google Play Store.

Other features and some limitations

Moreover, this new app is designed to be more than just a news reader. Its users can also possibly personalize their own news feed. They could select the specific publications they want to get information from, based on what they trust. Likewise, they could also choose the stories that they are genuinely most interested about.

Use the app to get the latest traffic report as well. The voices used are computer generated and are dubbed as Brian (for the male voice) and Leslie (for the female voice). You could also take the option whether you want to hear if from either Brian or Leslie.

However, the app has its own set of setbacks. First, users may eventually get annoyed to how Brian or Leslie sounds like. There would be news items when the voices may not properly read entries. Also be prepare because occasionally, there could be audio ads playing.

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