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Travel Guide: Pickpocketing Technique Even Innocent-Looking Children Can Do

Travel Guide: Pickpocketing Technique Even Innocent-Looking Children Can Do

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Travel Guide: Pickpocketing Technique Even Innocent-Looking Children Can Do

Warning for travellers! Keep an eye on your belongings as even kids can be master pickpocketing!

What was supposed to be a memorable photo for a couple visiting a province in Thailand ended up as  evidence for pickpocketing done by kids.

A male tourist uploaded a photo on Reddit, showing his girlfriend posing with two girls, who were wearing traditional Thai costumes; they were touring Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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His girlfriend, who was standing between the young girls, grinned from ear-to-ear as the children hold her hands.

For people who looked into the photo, it looked like a normal snapshot; however, it later on solved the couple’s mystery about the woman’s missing watch.

The man uploaded it on Reddit and captioned it with, “This pic solved the mystery of the missing watch.”

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One user dissected how the two girls pickpocketed the woman by holding her and putting pressure on her hands, Express UK said in a report.

“Notice how the thief is touching her hand in several places?” the commenter said. “It’s a pickpocket technique so that the mark gets accustomed to being touched by the thief and stops registering all of the touches.”

Another one said the photo was “spot on” as he knows a magician friend who also uses the same technique.

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“He told me once that his secret was exactly that, putting more pressure somewhere else so the ‘victim’ won’t feel other parts of the body.”

Others also commented that pickpockets uses distraction so the victim will not notice their belonging is gone.

“In this case it was two cute kids working together, and as you can see they are both touching her arms, which is key for it to work,” one added.

Another one observed that executing this pickpocket technique was unexpected for young girls.

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