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Transgender Teen Wins Homecoming Queen

Transgender Teen Wins Homecoming Queen
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Transgender Teen Wins Homecoming Queen

Landon Patterson, a transgender, has made history after being voted as homecoming queen at Oak Park High School.

Landon Patterson, a transgender, has made history after being voted as homecoming queen at Oak Park High School. She is the first transgender to win the title in the school district. Beyond the crown and the sash, beyond the title, it was being loved and being accepted in this manner that Patterson considers the best prize of all.

Patterson told KMBC that her soul had always been crushed all the years she was compelled to wear clothes for boys, as well as pretending to be a boy. Debbie Hall, Patterson’s mother, described her as a “cute boy, but a beautiful girl.”

“All along, since Landon was little, (we) knew Landon was different,” Hall said. “I just assumed, like everybody else, that he was gay.”

Speaking with Fox4KC, Patterson said she had always identified as a girl as far as she can remember. During her freshman year, she had only dreaming of doing the homecoming walk. “I’ve dreamt about it, freshmen year like ‘oh I wanna be that girl out there walking,’” Patterson said.

On Saturday as she joined candidates competing for the title, she said she did not know what to expect. Then, the greatest moment she had been waiting for unfolded right before her eyes. “The 2015- 2016, homecoming queen is… Ms. Landon Patterson!” the announcer said during the event. Saturday’s game.

“Right now, I feel complete. I feel like that princess,” Patterson said after winning the title. But beyond that, the greatest achievement was “to have my students and friends vote for me, makes me feel welcomed and loved. For who I am.”

Patterson has words of advice for everyone who is currently hiding inside the closet: “Be you! Life is too short, you just have to embrace who you are.”

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