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‘Transformers 5’ Movie Title Update: Weirdest Title Ever!

‘Transformers 5’ Movie Title Update: Weirdest Title Ever!
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‘Transformers 5’ Movie Title Update: Weirdest Title Ever!

“Transformers 5” is about to get medieval on moviegoers, as far as the title is concerned. The much awaited fifth sequel to the hugely successful franchise about robots masquerading as vehicles will be called, and they’re not kidding — ‘The Last Knight’.

Gizmodo reported that ever since “Revenge of the Fallen,” the titles of the robot franchise’s sequels have always been accompanied by a subtitle. The fifth installment will still hold true to that tradition although their title of choice was a surprising and a bit confusing.

Transformers 5‘ is now officially titled ‘Transformers: The Last Knight‘, a weird choice considering the film is about alien robots, not medieval soldiers. And that is not even the confusing part since Paramount has already given the go signal for 2 more films in 2018 and 2019; the word “Last” seems to be out of place.

Although there is still no explanation regarding the title choice, it is confirmed that Mark Wahlberg will be reprising his role from the fourth film with Michael Bay once again at the helm. They will be joined by Isabela Moner as the new female lead as well as comedian Jerrod Carmichael.

According to The Verge, the title choice is awful considering that knights, or chivalry for that matter, have never been featured in the films. If they do introduce a medieval style lore to the franchise, that would be throwing out logic altogether.

If logic was a factor in the films, the franchise would have ended long ago after the death of Megatron in “Dark of the Moon.” Instead, he was reborn into a new body after which the story introduced the fans to a much bigger conflict than the Autobot-Decepticon war.

Despite the obvious confusion regarding the films’ plot here is its magic: we will still buy the tickets to see it. Later we will discuss how awesome the film was and how the film’s use of special effects more than makeup for it.

‘Transformers 5″ will begin filming on June 6th this year and will roll out in theaters in 2017.

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