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‘Transformers 5’ Still Photo Hints Return Of Combaticons In ‘The Last Knight’ 2017 Movie

‘Transformers 5’ Still Photo Hints Return Of Combaticons In ‘The Last Knight’ 2017 Movie
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‘Transformers 5’ Still Photo Hints Return Of Combaticons In ‘The Last Knight’ 2017 Movie

Director Michael Bay released an image on Twitter of what he called Generation 1 Onslaught, the fierce leader of the Combaticons that featured in the animated series of the Transformers back in 1984. Transformers 5 will see the Combaticons as a part of the action adventure surrounding the Autobots and the Decepticons.

“Nothing can prepare you for Onslaught. #transformers,” Bay posted on Twitter along with the image of an eight-wheeler vehicle that appears to be a serious competition for Optimus Prime.

When it comes to the fifth installment of the Transformers series, The Last Knight, Bay has chosen to remain mum. Except for the few images from the shooting scene that were released on social media, there isn’t much for the fans to speculate on.

Bay has previously released images of Squeeks, an Autobot that has been hiding in a garage of dumped cars only to be discovered by the teenage character Izabella, and of Autobot Drift, who will undergo an upgrade in Transformers 5, Screen Rant reported.

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Combaticons are a Decepticon warrior faction who owe their allegiance to Megatron and are made up of military missile-launching vehicles. Their leader, Onslaught believes in the use of strategies and tactics rather than employing violent force to defeat the opponents.

But when his plans fail to bring about the desired results, rage takes him over and he becomes a brutal combatant in the fight. Onslaught can join other Combaticons to merge into a larger and more formidable robot, Bruticus, Comic Book reported.

Transformers 5 is in the production stage and is the last movie of the series to be directed by Bay. Thus, expectations around the movie are already high and Bay has been taking this opportunity to feed the curiosity of the fans by providing them with bits of information directly from the sets.

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