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‘Train To Busan 2’ Confirmed; US Remake Happening – Report

‘Train To Busan 2’ Confirmed; US Remake Happening – Report
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‘Train To Busan 2’ Confirmed; US Remake Happening – Report

“Train To Busan 2” has been confirmed by actor Gong Yoo. The Korean thriller film first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

The zombie film was released in the U.S. in July. “Train To Busan” combined elements of “Snowpiercer” and “World War Z,” the horror flick follows a group of passengers who must survive a zombie outbreak on a speeding train.

According to Indiewire, it has some excellent camerawork and adrenaline-fueled set pieces. The film set a record as the first Korean film to break the audience record with over 10 million theater goers this year.

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“Train To Busan” grossed over $10 million in South Korea. It is expected to cross the $100 million mark at the global box office in September.

Train To Busan 2

A sequel to the film “Train To Busan 2” in the U.S. looks most likely to happen as per what Gong Yoo said in his interview. He was speaking with Sports Chosun. Yoo added that actors always have a dream to star in a series, Soompi reports.

“I talked about this with Director Yeon Sang Ho, and I said that I thought my character Seok Woo might be living somewhere as a zombie,” said the actor giving his view of how the franchise could take off.

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Possibility of “Train To Busan” sequel

He told that the director told him of how when Seok Woo fell off the train, he broke his neck and died. But, Gong Yoo added that his reel character could be living on as a zombie, and the sequel could be a possibility from that perspective.

Meanwhile, Yeon Sang Ho released an animated prequel to the film titled “Seoul Station” in August. “Lately people just greet me with ‘Congrats on 10 million.’ It’s put a bigger weight on my shoulders,” said Gong Yoo. Meanwhile, “Train To Busan” is still playing in select theaters in the U.S.

Now, one important question remains. Will “Train to Busan” turn into a U.S. remake such as Asian horror hits like “The Ring” trilogy, “The Grudge” and “Shutter.”

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