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Trader Joe’s Introduces Wines In A Can



Trader Joe’s Introduces Wines In A Can

If you ever thought that wine is just not packaged conveniently enough, get ready for this. Trader Joe’s is now serving wine in a can.

“Although canned wine is the new kid on the block when compared to centuries-old wine packaging of glass bottles and corks, its benefits are propelling it to industry stardom,” Trader Joe’s said in a statement. According to them, since aluminum cans are lightweight, they’re easier to bring around and easier to recycle too.

Nonetheless, Trader Joe’s is quick to say that its new product can’t really compete directly with bottle wines, especially those that come with exquisite vintages. “The downside? The product inside the can doesn’t always stand up to its bottled counterpart,” the company explained. That is exactly why Trader Joe’s said it was extremely careful with the kind of wine that they were going to put into their cans.

Nothing still, all the wines are sparkling.

Eventually, Trader Joe’s said it found an Italian supplier that is able to produce their Simpler Wines Italian Sparkling Wine line. Instead of offering flat wine, the company decided to introduce a range of Italian vino frizzante or sparkling wines. These are available in two ways: white and rosé.

According to Trader Joe’s the Simpler Wines White has notes of fresh cut herbs and juicy honeydew. They go well with olives & fresh bread.. It’s also pairs greatly with Parmiggiano Reggiano. On the other hand, the Simpler Wines Rosé is full of nice mineral notes. It pairs well with seafood, fresh pasta and sweets.

One of the best things about Trader Joe’s canned wines is that they have already been portioned perfectly. In fact, each can contains 187 mL or 6 fluid ounces of sparkling wine. The company said they are also “incredibly handy when you’re mixing up a cocktail and only need a splash (or two) to top up your glass.”

Today, Trader Joe’s has a special promo for its new canned wines. You can grab four cans of Simpler Wines White or Simpler Wines Rosé for $3.99. Take the pack with wherever you want to go, whether it’s a concert or beach picnic.

Sure, Trader Joe’s canned wines may not be everything you want in wine, but it’s definitely something.

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