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Tracy Morgan Talks Near-Death Experience, Saw Father While In ‘Heaven!’

Tracy Morgan Talks Near-Death Experience, Saw Father While In ‘Heaven!’
Tracy MorganJamie jca / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-sa/2.0

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Tracy Morgan Talks Near-Death Experience, Saw Father While In ‘Heaven!’

Tracy Morgan, who had a near-death experience following a car crash, said he met his father while in coma! After the trip to heaven, he’s now a changed man.

The comedian, who was severely injured in a car accident two years ago, sat for an interview to discuss his experience after the tragedy. The crash took away his longtime friend, and he suffered brain injuries, but it seemed he was transformed for the better.

Speaking with Oprah Winfrey, he said, “When you’re in a coma for eight to 10 days, you’re basically knocking on the door.”

He added, “I don’t know if I was in the coma or in and out of the coma, but I remember… I was talking to my dad.”

His revelation on OWN’s “SuperSoul Sunday” made people believe he went to heaven while he was fighting to stay alive.

Jimmy, Morgan’s father, passed away in 1987 after he lost his battle against AIDS. When Tracy saw him, his father reportedly told him it’s not his time to die.

“I was talking to my dad. He had this green thing on and I just remember him saying, ‘I’m not ready for you, son,’ and I started crying so hard,” Morgan, 47, recounted to Winfrey.

According to the former “Saturday Night Live” star, his dad told him he still had to “finish the job.” As per a report of E! News, Tracy mentioned he is a changed man after the encounter.

He now looks at his relationships in a new light. “Something’s different, the way I am with people, something’s just different.” He admitted saying “I love you” to people 200 times a day. He believes in taking care of people and becoming a better human being. The comedian now lives an ordinary life now. He is grateful to his wife and all those who love him.

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