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Flight MH370 Deliberately Flown to Antarctica, Data Says

Flight MH370 Deliberately Flown to Antarctica, Data Says
Malaysia Airlines Aero Icarus / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Flight MH370 Deliberately Flown to Antarctica, Data Says

Image from Flickr by Aero Icarus

Image from Flickr by Aero Icarus

Flight MH370 is suspected to be taken off course deliberately to Antarctica, as claimed by experts.

The satellite data reveal the flight had traveled for hours even after it lost contact with flight control.

Aviation experts have analyzed the evidences of the disappearance of the mysterious Malaysian plane, the theories to be presented in a National Geographic documentary about the airlines entitled “Malaysian 370: What Happened?” which will be shown on March 8 this year.

The experts believe the doomed plane made three turns that took itself westward towards Antarctica even after losing contact with air traffic control. The plane disappeared on March 8 last year .

The flight was flying to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur with over 200 people on board. It is mysteriously missing up to now.

The recovery work is carried out by Australian Transport Safety Bureau Commissioner Martin Dolan.

“It’s been both baffling and from our point of view unprecedented – not only the mystery of it, but also on the scale of what we’re doing to find the aircraft,” Dolan said. “As we keep on pointing out, we don’t have a certainty only a confidence that we’ll find the missing aircraft.”

“We continue to work with experts to look at the modelling for where any potential floating wreckage might have drifted to,” he continued. “We’re in the middle of reviewing that, given how many days we are into this.”

“It’s quite complex stuff now and we expect to have an update on that in the next little while, but we’re not holding out any hope any surface wreckage will be detected.”

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