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Pixar Toy Story News: Andy’s Dad Might Get His Own Plot

Pixar Toy Story News: Andy’s Dad Might Get His Own Plot
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Pixar Toy Story News: Andy’s Dad Might Get His Own Plot

Toy Story has been a hot topic of conversation ever since a story was shared about Andy’s dad. While the story has been debunked by a Pixar writer, there’s still plenty of fans debating about it’s authenticity. Right now, it’s a classic case of he said/she said, but has gained so much momentum. Rumors state that the next film could give Andy’s dad some movie time.

All of this started with a livestream from Mike Mozart, a toy designer and consultant for Toy Story who knew former Pixar head-writer, the late Joe Ranft. Mozart stated that Ranft shared the real story behind Andy’s father to him, and it has broken many hearts over the past few days. Fans can hear the story from Mozart himself, but basically, Andy’s dad suffered from Polio and was the original owner of Woody.

While many were hoping this would be true, Andrew Stanton stated that the story about Andy’s dad was “fake news,” and we should all move on. Stanton co-wrote all three Toy Story films with Joe Ranft, so his words do have plenty of credibility. However, some fans are torn on the topic, with many siding with Mozart’s story, since it does make plenty of sense.

Only time will tell if Andy’s father eventually makes his way to the movies, since Andy himself has gone to college. Woody, Buzz and everyone else has a new owner at the end of Toy Story 3, with many questioning why Toy Story 4 needs to exist. Still, with Stanton co-writing it, the film could be a good one, though it might lack the emotional depth of the third film.

Toy Story 4 is set for a 2019 release and will supposedly focus on a love story between Woody and Bo Peep. The film will coincide with Pixar’s The Incredibles 2

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