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Tornadoes Strike Colorado, Several Homes Damaged

Tornadoes Strike Colorado, Several Homes Damaged
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Tornadoes Strike Colorado, Several Homes Damaged

Denver was struck with tornadoes and thunderstorms producing marble sized hail that greatly affected the northern part of Colorado on Thursday. Several homes in two counties endured damage.

However, no injuries were reported, authorities said.

Severe weather accompanied with hail and heavy rain gave rise to a tornado that touched down in Elbert County and damaged at least five houses, in addition to bringing down farm fences near the town of Simla, southeast of Denver.

Reports of damage to 25 other houses were being looked into by crews.

Lori Hodges, director of the Larimer County Office of Emergency Management, said, “The rain is so heavy in that area with hail that they are not able to get more damage assessments,” as reported by NBC News.

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According to the National Weather Service, the tornado was first spotted east of Lyons.

Hodges further added that heavy rainfall could continue into the night; as a result, flooding has become a major concern in the area that experienced severe floods in 2013.

Flash flood emergency was issued for Boulder and Larimer Counties by the National Weather Service.

People affected by the storms were given help by the Red Cross, who responded on Thursday night. Boulder County sheriff’s deputies urged residents to stay out of the area, according to Cmdr. Heidi Prentup.

Asking residents to not go to Boulder and Larimer Counties, the National Weather Service said, “This is an extremely dangerous and life threatening situation. Excessive runoff from heavy rainfall will cause flooding of small creeks and streams,” as reported by Yahoo News.


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