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Tornado News: Tornadoes Cause Damage In Metro Atlanta

Tornado News: Tornadoes Cause Damage In Metro Atlanta
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Tornado News: Tornadoes Cause Damage In Metro Atlanta

Two tornadoes struck metro Atlanta Thursday. Tornadoes damaged rooftops, downed trees and caused power outages.

In this tornado news, two tornadoes touched down metro Atlanta on Thursday, the National Weather Service said. These tornadoes occurred during Wednesday’s storms.

One of the areas affected by storm was George Wynn Road in Coweta County. A tornado of category 1 damaged rooftops, scattered debris over the neighborhood and shredded trees in Fairburn and Palmetto.

“I heard the sound first of all, and then I looked out my window and I saw this huge swirl, and that’s when I was like, ‘OK, I need to grab my kids and ran into the bathroom,” one of the residents said.

Jorge Rubio, whose home is on the George Wynn Road, said his house shook and the ceiling caved in. His children were in the second story playroom at the time. “My neighbor’s window and roof panels are inside my attic,” Rubio said. “They just broke through like projectiles. But I’m just grateful all the people in this community were okay. We all even sent our kids to school so it would feel like a regular day while we all cleaned up.”

Numerous trees downed and several people lost power during the early evening hours, as reported by Fox 5 Atlanta. Areas of Rivertown and John Rivers roads were affected by high wind damage. Crews worked to remove trees and power lines on Tell Road. Jason Deese of the National Weather Service, said, “We always take it a little bit personally when we’re putting out warnings but when they come this close to your home, it’s a little bit more.” One of the tornadoes occurred five miles from his home.

According to WSB-TV, a tornado, which was part of the storm that spawned a tornado on Coweta County, accompanying winds of 95 miles per hour downed trees. “The general path of the damage here is more convergent, so that would indicate more of a tornadic debris signature,” Deese said. A lightning strike near Meadow Lark injured one person, authorities said. The lightning, which struck a power line, ran into the ground.

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