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Top US News: Protests Outside Donald Trump Event Turn Violent; Two Injured After Tornado Strikes Dodge City; & More

Top US News: Protests Outside Donald Trump Event Turn Violent; Two Injured After Tornado Strikes Dodge City; & More
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Top US News: Protests Outside Donald Trump Event Turn Violent; Two Injured After Tornado Strikes Dodge City; & More

Protests outside Donald Trump’s campaign turn violent

A crowd of angry protesters was outside the Republican presumptuous nominee Donald Trump’s campaign event in Albuquerque on Tuesday, FOX News reports. Protesters reportedly threw rocks at the police, injuring several officers. Plastic bottles and other items were also thrown. One arrest has been made in the incident. To abate the situation, police had to use smoke grenades.

Two critically injured after tornado strikes Dodge City

Two people were critically injured after a tornado struck Dodge City, Kansas, as reported by NBC News. The wounded have not been identified. The county’s landfill was destroyed amid other significant damage as a result of the tornado. Two other “large and extremely dangerous” tornadoes were reported in Dodge City. The area is expected to witness hail and damaging winds this week.

Obama will return to the first city he visited as president

President Barack Obama will be visiting Concord High School in Elkhart, where he will speak about the economic progress of the city and the country, this week. As reported by The Hill, Obama will be returning to the city since his first visit more than seven years ago. Obama said that people in Elkhart had been affected severely by the recession, but that the city has rebounded substantially.

Melissa Gilbert drops out of race for Congress

Melissa Gilbert, who starred in “Little House on the Prairie,” has said she will bow out of the race for Michigan congressional seat, as reported by the Detroit Free Press. Gilbert said she made the decision because of the wounds she sustained to her head and neck from accidents in 2012. However, state elections director Chris Thomas said that, should she drop out, her name would still appear on the August 2 ballot.

Red Sox pitcher Bill Spaceman Lee running for Vermont Gov

Bill “Spaceman” Lee said that he will be running for Vermont governor as a member of the Liberty Union Party, as reported by ESPN. The former Major Baseball League player pitched for the Red Sox from 1969 through 1978; and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008. He is among four other candidates who are running for the position of governor.

Angry Birds movie earns $39M in its opening weekend

Animated film Angry Birds achieved the top position, earning $39 million in its opening weekend, according to the Hollywood Reporter. It raked in $94 million worldwide, and surged to the No. 1 spot across as many as 48 markets. Meanwhile, Captain America: Civil War, in its third week, earned another $33.1 million – with its total domestic earnings amounting to $347.4 million.

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