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Top US News: Gas Prices Up, 3 Pregnant Women Positive For Zika Virus, Virginia Storm Kills 2 Year Old

Top US News: Gas Prices Up, 3 Pregnant Women Positive For Zika Virus, Virginia Storm Kills 2 Year Old
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Top US News: Gas Prices Up, 3 Pregnant Women Positive For Zika Virus, Virginia Storm Kills 2 Year Old

3 pregnant women tested positive for Zika virus

Three pregnant women in Florida were diagnosed with Zika virus on Wednesday. With this, the number of people tested positive in the state becomes 32, People reports. The virus, which is known to be associated with microcephaly, puts pregnant women at a greater risk of the disease.

Donald Trump, front runner in Georgia

A poll released on Thursday shows that the real estate mogul and Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is the front runner in Georgia, the Wall Street Journal reports. As many as 41 percent of Georgians who said they would vote in March 1 Republican primary supported Trump. Marco Rubio saw support from 18 percent, while 15 percent backed Ted Cruz.

Storm in Virginia kills two year old boy

Severe weather caused tornadoes that struck towns in Pennsylvania and cancelled hundreds of flights in the Midwest. In Waverly, Virginia, a two year old boy was killed in the storm. Two men, ages 50 and 26, also died in the storm. As a result of the extreme weather, numerous residents were left without electricity from the Carolinas to New England, Denver Post reports.

Apple rumored to launch iPad Pro in March

At a special event scheduled to be held in March, Apple is rumored to launch its next generation 9.7 inch iPad. The new model will be branded in Apple’s ‘Pro’ line, and not as an extension to its iPad Air line. Apple Insider reports that the device will come with support for Apple Pencil, among other features.

Launch of SES 9 rocket halted by Space X

The launch of the SES 9 commercial communications satellite was cancelled by SpaceX. The launch, which was supposed to take place from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, was halted citing an issue with the loading of liquid oxygen propellant, notes.

First uterus transplant conducted in US

This week, the first uterus transplant in the United States was conducted. The uterus from a deceased donor was transplanted into a 26 year old woman’s body. However, the recipient was not identified, reports. Previous transplants have occurred in Turkey and Sweden.

Gas prices in California could increase by 30 cents this week

The gas prices in California are expected to increase by 30 cents a gallon this week. The development comes due to seasonal changes in the refinery operations – a change from the winter blend of fuel to the summer blend, mandated by the state – the San Diego Union Tribune reported.

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