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Top US News: Escaped Jet Blue Flight Attendant Arrested, TV Legend Ken Howard Dies And USS Conestoga Found

Top US News: Escaped Jet Blue Flight Attendant Arrested, TV Legend Ken Howard Dies And USS Conestoga Found
Ken Howard at TIFF Peter Kudlacz CC BY 2.0


Top US News: Escaped Jet Blue Flight Attendant Arrested, TV Legend Ken Howard Dies And USS Conestoga Found

Flight attendant who escaped Los Angeles security arrested

Marsha Gay Reynolds, the Jet Blue flight attendant who left behind as much as $3 million worth of cocaine and ran from the security at the Los Angeles International Airport, was arrested after she surrendered in New York on Wednesday, ABC News reported. She was charged with cocaine possession with intent to distribute. On Friday, Reynolds was asked for a random security screening. Upon going into a secondary screening area, she dropped her bag, left her heels and escaped.

TV legend Ken Howard dies at 71

Ken Howard, best known for his role in the 1970s television drama The White Shadow, passed away. He was 71. Howard, who was the president of SAG-AFTRA, starred in The White Shadow as a coach of a high school basketball team. Some of his other television credits include Adam’s Rib and 30 Rock, ABC News reported. The actor, born in 1944, also appeared in Broadway in “1776,” wherein he played Thomas Jefferson. He is survived by his wife of 25 years.

Prosecutor says NY officer shouldn’t get jail time

Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson said that he will be asking the judge to not sentence New York City Officer Peter Liang to imprisonment. According to FOX News, the incident involved Liang firing a stray shot in the public housing stairway that killed the 28 year old Akai Gurley. Thompson said that while Liang acted recklessly, he did not intend to kill Gurley, saying that Thompson instead be given six months of house arrest and probation.

USS Conestoga discovered 95 years after declared missing

The USS Conestoga was discovered after almost 95 years when the Navy had declared the vessel lost and its 56 members missing, CNN reported. USS Conestoga disappeared after it left from the Golden Gate strait in California (it was headed to American Samoa via Pearl Harbour) in 1921. An investigation that started in 2014 confirmed that the wreckage, first discovered in 2009 in the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, was from the vessel.

Trump leads in California survey

A survey from the Public Policy Institute of California reveals that business mogul Donald Trump leads among the state’s primary voters. The survey, recorded for a period of March 6 till March 15, comes months ahead of the state’s June 7 contest, Politico reported. Trump led the pack with 38 percent, while Ted Cruz received 19 percent. Marco Rubio, who at the time was still in the race, and John Kasich followed with 12 percent each.

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