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Top US News: DC Subway Reopens Thursday, Merrick Garland Nominated As Supreme Court Judge And Jared Fogle Attacked In Prison

Top US News: DC Subway Reopens Thursday, Merrick Garland Nominated As Supreme Court Judge And Jared Fogle Attacked In Prison
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Top US News: DC Subway Reopens Thursday, Merrick Garland Nominated As Supreme Court Judge And Jared Fogle Attacked In Prison

DC subway system to reopen Thursday

After its closure on Wednesday, the Washington DC’s metro subway system will reopen at 5 p.m. on Thursday.

There were 26 areas identified where electrical cables or the boots that connect them to the third rails were damaged, the Washington Post reports. The problems that surfaced in McPherson Square, Foggy Bottom and Potomac Avenue would have promoted a closure if they were identified in routine inspections, Metro General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld said.

As a result, there was more traffic on the roads. While federal employees were urged to work from home, local schools remained open.

Despite the shutdown that “presented a hardship for the region,” Widefeld said that it “was necessary.” The Red, Green and Yellow lines were inspected and repaired by 9:45 p.m. Meanwhile, reparations on the Orange, Blue and Silver lines will continue through the night into the morning.

President Obama nominates Merrick Garland as Supreme Court Justice

Merrick B. Garland was nominated by President Barack Obama as the 113th Supreme Court Justice to replace Antonin Scalia.

While announcing his nomination, Obama said that Garland’s was “the one name that has come up from Republicans and Democrats alike.” If elected, Garland would be the oldest judge to the court since Lewis Powell in 1972.

According to USA Today, Garland, the chief judge for the US Appeals Court for the DC Circuit, attended Harvard Law School and is a former prosecutor.

Garland spoke about Obama’s decision to nominate him, referring to it as “the greatest honor of my life.” Garland was named to the appeals court in 1995 by former President Bill Clinton; but through 1996, his nomination became feeble. When Clinton won the second term, Garland won the vote in 1997.

“For me, there could be no higher public service than serving as a member of the Supreme Court,” Garland said.

Jored Fogle heavily beaten inside prison

Jared Fogle, former subway spokesman and convict, was discovered beaten in federal prison.

According to TMZ, the attacker, Steven Figg, was an inmate who detests child molesters. In an interview, the prison doctors said that Fogle was in the recreation yard at Englewood prison, Colorado, in January this year when Nigg pushed Fogle down and unleashed a series of punches on him. As a result of physically assaulting Fogle, who was left with injuries to his nose and neck, and a swollen face, Figg was placed in solitary confinement.

The family of Nigg, who is in prison on a weapon’s charge, said that he is highly upset of the number of sex predators that are being kept in the low security facility.

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