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Top US News: California Could Be First State To Raise Min Wage To $15 Per Hour, Utah Gov Signs Bill Requiring Anesthesia In Abortions, & More

Top US News: California Could Be First State To Raise Min Wage To $15 Per Hour, Utah Gov Signs Bill Requiring Anesthesia In Abortions, & More
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Top US News: California Could Be First State To Raise Min Wage To $15 Per Hour, Utah Gov Signs Bill Requiring Anesthesia In Abortions, & More

Top US News: California could be the first state to increase minimum wage to $15 an hour; Utah Gov signs bill requiring anesthesia administration.

California minimum wage raise: State could be the first to have per hour $15 min wage

A deal to raise the minimum wage of Californian workers to $15 per hour by January 2022 was announced by Governor Jerry Brown, CBS News reports. While this move is expected to benefit as many as 6 million workers, it could prove to be immensely difficult for small business owners. As a result, some businesses may be forced to close. If and when the legislation passes, California will become the first state to escalate the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Utah Gov signs bill requiring anesthesia administration in abortions

According to a new bill signed by Utah Governor Gary Herbert, doctors will be required to administer anesthesia to women having abortions 20 weeks into their pregnancy, as reported by USA Today. Administering anesthesia in these cases would lessen the pain the fetus may be enduring.

In emailed statement, spokesman Jon Cox said, “The governor is adamantly pro-life. He believes in not only erring on the side of life, but also minimizing any pain that may be caused to an unborn child.”

Boy who appeared in PSA video shot in the back, is recovering

Zarriel Trotter, the Chicago boy who appeared in a public service announcement last year, was shot last week and is recovering. After he was struck by a stray bullet in what the police called was a “heated argument,” Trotter was transported to the hospital and subsequently underwent emergency surgery, FOX News reports. While the police are investigating the incident, no one has been arrested as of yet. The video that Trotter had appeared in can be viewed here.

Wind advisory issued for Tri State area

The Tri State Area was affected by strong winds Monday night, which caused debris to fall from buildings and putting residents in danger. The wind reached 31 miles per hour on the West Side Manhattan as of 11 p.m., CBS News reports. As a result, a wind advisory was issued for the entire Tri State Area until 6 p.m. on Tuesday. Power outages and downing of trees are expected to occur. The National Weather Service also said that driving in high-profile vehicles could be difficult.

West Dallas crash: 3 children dead in fatal accident

A car accident that occurred in West Dallas caused the deaths of three children, while a fourth youngster was hospitalized. The drivers of the two cars involved in the collision also sustained injuries, but they are expected to survive. According to WFAA, the accident occurred after a Dodge Stratus pulled out in front of a speeding Nissan Sentra. The three children in the Dodge were pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital. No names have been released as of yet.

MARC Penn line restored after fatal accident

Following an accident that involved a train hitting a pedestrian at Seabrook station in Prince George’s County, MARC Penn line service was restored with expectancy of delays, reports. In a tweet, the Maryland Transit Administration announced, “MARC-Penn Line is open- Trains operating on a single track bet. New Carrol. & Bowie. Expect delays.”

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