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Top US News: More Than 1,200 Alien Planets Discovered By NASA, Walt Disney Shares Decline, &More

Top US News: More Than 1,200 Alien Planets Discovered By NASA, Walt Disney Shares Decline, &More
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Top US News: More Than 1,200 Alien Planets Discovered By NASA, Walt Disney Shares Decline, &More

More than 1200 alien planets discovered by NASA

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has discovered as many as 1,284 new exoplanets believed to house life. In all, almost 3,200 exoplanets have been discovered – with the space agency being credited with 2,235 of them, as reported by Data collected from Kepler also reveals that almost 25 percent of the “normal” stars in the Milky Way have Earth sized planets in their habitable zones.

Walt Disney Co.’s shares witness decline

Walt Disney Co. shares witnessed a 5-percent fall on Tuesday, as reported by USA Today. Reporting its second-quarter estimates and revenue, Disney’s shares failed to meet Wall Street estimates. Although the earnings saw an increase of 2 percent, earnings per share touched $1.36 as compared to $1.40 estimated by analysts. Revenue, on the other hand, increased to $12.97 billion, while the analysts had estimated it to be $13.2 billion.

Navy SEAL trainee dies during training

Sergeant James “Derek” Lovelace, 21, died during his first week of basic training in California, as reported by FOX News. Lovelace faced difficulty in treading in a camouflage uniform and dive mask. He was pulled out of a pool on Friday and was pronounced dead upon being taken to the hospital. He had joined the Navy about six months ago, and was undergoing his first week of training as a SEAL trainee.

New Supreme Court of Virginia justice appointed

Stephen McCullough, Court of Appeals Judge, has been appointed as the justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, as reported by the Associated Press. McCullough’s investiture will be conducted on May 23 in Richmond.

2 of the 6 stabbed by Mass. man killed

Two of the six people stabbed by Arthur Darosa, from Massachusetts, were killed, as reported by FOX News. The attacker was subsequently fatally shot by an off duty law enforcement officer. Among the dead include an 80-year-old woman who was stabbed in her home along with another woman; and a 56 year old man who was stabbed at a Bertucci’s restaurant along with three other people.

Man detained outside Taylor Swift’s home

An unidentified man was detained from outside the home of pop music sensation Taylor Swift. The man, who is reported to be emotionally disturbed, was spotted on the street near Swift’s home by her guards, as reported by Associated Press. The Bad Blood singer was not home at the time of the incident. It has not been determined whether any threat was made by the man.

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