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Top Secret US Nuclear Base Exposed By Climate Change!

Top Secret US Nuclear Base Exposed By Climate Change!
Icebergs in Greenland Nick Russill / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Top Secret US Nuclear Base Exposed By Climate Change!

If the feared global warming continues to ravage in the coming years, it could soon expose a top secret nuclear base buried deep within the ice sheet in Greenland.

According to experts, the military base could soon be exposed by 2090 if no mitigating measures would be taken to counter the adverse effects of the so called climate change, the Daily Mail reported.

Secret Nuclear Base

The U.S military base, which was originally built by the U.S forces during the Cold War and known as the ‘Camp Century’, played a crucial role in the deployment of nuclear missiles in 1959. It was part of the allied forces’ futuristic plan to strategically maintain its stronghold in the region at the height of the Cold War.

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Unknown to many, the Camp Century is an underground city of an intricate system of interconnecting tunnels buried several meters below the snow. It includes an advanced nuclear reactor that was first built in the 1950s and is still working up to these days.

Threat Of Global Warming

What scientists fear is the possibility of radioactive pollutants being exposed once the ice retreats or melts as a result of a warming climate. But recent studies indicate that global temperature continues to increase in an unprecedented level, according to a paper released by Geophysical Research Letters.

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Professor William Colgan, from the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University in Canada, told AFP that nobody was expecting that the nuclear reactor would get out again when the waste was left.

Meanwhile, U.S President Barack Obama has requested at least $7.4 billion budget for the fiscal year of 2016 allocated for clean energy technology. A large chunk of the budget amounting to $1.29 billion will be allocated for the Global Climate Change Initiative, the National Priorities reported.

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