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‘Top Gear’ Chris Evans Resigns, But No One Really Cares – Report

‘Top Gear’ Chris Evans Resigns, But No One Really Cares – Report
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‘Top Gear’ Chris Evans Resigns, But No One Really Cares – Report

“How you doing” is a question that best describes Top Gear at the moment. Host Chris Evans quits the show due a rumored feud with co-host Matt LeBlanc. Evans exited the show like his predecessor, but the move interestingly surprised no one.

Evans announced his departure from the hit BBC motoring series weeks after rumors of friction between him and LeBlanc surfaced. The announcement was made in the host’s Twitter account stating that he gave it his best shot.

According to TV Line, LeBlanc himself had threatened to walk away from the show as recently as late June. Sources revealed that it was partly due to the “frosty atmosphere” between the presenters and Evan’s supposed jealousy toward his castmates.

LeBlanc and Evans were part of the Top Gear season 23 revamp and opened with the lowest ratings in the show’s history. Some time later, reports of Evan’s unprofessional behavior surfaced but were dismissed as “rubbish” by BBC.

The Mirror revealed that Evans already ruled himself out from hosting the show before accepting the job. His personality wasn’t on-tune with the show, to put it mildly, especially with Matt LeBlanc.

He was an out-of-control diva who was more volatile than Jeremy Clarkson. Quite a feat considering the latter had a penchant for punching colleagues in the face.

In the studio, he often raised his voice to the point of being shouty. He also wore the same clothes and the audience was being forced to laugh at the gags. He just wasn’t as good as the other presenters which might have seeded his jealousy.

In the end, viewers of the motoring series might have already known he wasn’t fit for the job.

Immediately after Chris Evans made his announcement BBC also released a statement regarding Top Gear. According to them, in addition to LeBlanc, Sabine Schmitz, Rory Reid, Chris Harris and Eddie Jordan would all be returning in 2017.

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