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Top 5 Hand-picked Solid-state Drives

Top 5 Hand-picked Solid-state Drives
Samsung SSD 830 Series 128Gb 2,5″ SATA Tolbxela / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Top 5 Hand-picked Solid-state Drives

With prices of solid-state drives (SSDs) ranging between $350 and $450 for a top-notch 1TB, the replacement of regular hard drives with SSDs is going to be the most satisfying upgrade for users, as it will significantly improve their system’s performance.

Even though the prices of SSDs haven’t reached the “affordable” mark yet, they’re undoubtedly much more accessible and provide value for money.

With a plethora of options available in the market, the top five SSDs have been listed to make the task of choosing easier.

Transcend SSD370S

At a cost of nearly 34 cents per gigabyte, the two largest capacity drives of Transcend SSD370S – 512GB and 1TB – are available at $175 and $360, respectively. The low price of the product does not affect its quality as it ranks among the fastest and those with the highest endurance.

Crucial MX200

This device includes helpful enterprise-class features and is designed to last for a long time. It is also equipped with certain features that can be used for data protection in case of sudden power loss.

Samsung SSD 850 Evo

At a cheaper price and shorter warranty period as compared to Samsung’s SSD 850 PRO, the features of this device include the RAPID mode. With this feature, the host system’s RAM is used as a cache to increase performance.

Samsung SSD 850 Pro

This device offers top speed along with a 10-year warranty (the longest available). Priced at nearly 50 cents per gigabyte, it is perfect for people looking to buy a top-notch standard SSD.

SanDisk Extreme Pro

Showing some of the best performance, this device was the first in the market to have a 10-year warranty.

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