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Top 1 In Global Military Power: US, Russia Or China Compete

Top 1 In Global Military Power: US, Russia Or China Compete
Military parade to mark the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945 President of Russia / Flickr cc by 4.0


Top 1 In Global Military Power: US, Russia Or China Compete

Russia now reportedly ranks second to the United States in terms of military power. However, there are also parties claiming that Russia may be on top of the United States on other accounts and that the ranking does not hold true as completely.

A report from Huffington Post said that Russia has already beaten the United States in terms of modernizing its army. The country has progressed considerably that it tops the United States on several accounts; however, a new rating from the West only puts Russia second to it in terms of military power. According to the annual ranking released by Global Firepower, the US ranks first, Russia ranks second and China ranks third. The rating only counts conventional military power and not nuclear weapons. However, Russia did top the US in terms of the number of tanks. Moscow has 15,400 while US has 8,800. China also beat U.S. in this category 9200 tanks.  The United States air force has more number of units though at 13,444 versus 3,547 of Russia and 3900 of China. Beijing on the other hand toppled both U.S. and Russia when it comes to naval strength. USA has 437 submarines, Russia has 352 and U.S. has 437.

Overall, Pentagon still remains to be the most powerful defense department among these three competing nations and with the highest military budget. The Department of Defense has a budget of $581 million; Russia Defense Ministry has $46 million and China has $155 million.

The report enumerated the following considerations on the ranking: geographical factors and with natural resource reliance. However, the report did clarify that it did not take into account the total number of weapons available per nation solely. Other things not accounted for include current economic health and current political or military leadership.

Sputnik’s report countered the rankings, saying that there is one factor that the ratings did not consider: “While Moscow is showing extremely high growth rates, the US military has to ‘squeeze’ itself because US President Barack Obama has made it clear that the days of rapid weapons development in the country are a thing of the past, the author noted.” Credit Suisse analysts, nonetheless, also ranked Russia second in terms of world armies based on their military capabilities without nuclear weapons. This rating, however, also did not include non-conventional weapon, according to RBTH.

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