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Tony Robinson Was ‘Demonized’

Tony Robinson Was ‘Demonized’
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Tony Robinson Was ‘Demonized’

Officer Matt Kenny, who shot 19-year-old African-American teen Tony Robinson, will not face criminal charges in the case, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne announced on May 12. He said that the tragic and unfortunate death of Robinson was the result of lawful use of deadly police force. Hence, no charges should be brought against Kenny, Ozanne ruled.

Robinson’s family cried foul. His grandmother said the young boy was slandered from the beginning of the investigation.

Turin Carter, Robinson’s uncle, said the African-American teen was unfairly demonized with how he was portrayed.

“This was a 19-year-old kid whose life was cut short before he could fully realize his potential,” Carter told press.

The moments before Kenny responded to the scene

Based on toxicology reports, Robinson took hallucinogenic mushrooms, marijuana and Xanax in the hours that led to the shooting. This information was supported by witnesses interviewed by Wisconsin officers. The accounts were detailed in a Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation Case Report.

A witness with the initials A.L. testified that Robinson had been unemployed and was only collecting SSS checks. He was paid on March 5, and on March 6 he bought “shrooms” from his suppliers.

In the morning of March 6, A.L. said Robinson had smoked a “blunt” as soon as they woke up. At about lunch time they had smoked another.

A.L. saw that Robinson had also taken Xanax in the morning. He said he knew Robinson commonly used Xanax, which he could buy on the street without prescription. A.L. said Robinson told him he wanted to “trip on shrooms” that day. Robinson went to another witness’s house.

Witness W.T. said that about 12:30 Robinson told him he “want to get on some spiritual sh**.” He then left and bought supplies from a dealer. W.T. said Robinson ate 7 grams of “shrooms,” smoked marijuana and Xanax. W.T. said that the combination is known to intensify a person’s symptoms. He said Robinson started acting weird when he posted some sexual GIFs on his Twitter account. This is unusual and out of ordinary for Robinson, W.T. said.

Robinson went back to A.L.’s apartment. He went straight to A.L.’s bedroom and told him, “I took shrooms. I’m freaking out. I shouldn’t have done this.”

At about 4 p.m., another witness, J.L., arrived at A.L.’s apartment to check on Robinson. J.L. saw Robinson staring at a wall while simultaneously saying “oh my God” and “f*** you dad.” At one point Robinson asked them, “Where’s my father? Where’s my mother? Don’t call the police.”

J.L. said everything he saw was out of character of Robinson.

J.L. said Robinson was “smelling like sweat,” so tried to pacify him but decided to ran away when Robinson told him “let me suck your d***.”

J.L. ran away from the room but Robinson chased after him. The apartment has a flight of stairs with 12 steps, but Robinson was able to jump past the steps in what he described as a “superhuman jump.”

Outside the apartment, J.L. saw Robinson sitting on the sidewalk. At one point he ran in front of a moving car, jumped on it and landed on the street. J.L. checked if Robinson was hurt but he got scared when Robinson seemed to have “popped up” and did a “monkey walk.”

J.L. and his girlfriend ran inside their car and drove away. Robinson chased after them by running. At this point, J.L. decided to call 911.

Robinson was able to assault a man he chanced upon on the street. Witness T.T. said that Robinson was crossing the streets unmindful of passing cars. When Robinson saw that T.T. was looking at him, Robinson approached him and choked him. T.T. said Robinson looked like he was going for the kill but he apologized to him. T.T. said Robinson was not right in the eyes. Robinson then forcefully entered an apartment after loudly yelling and banging, T.T. said.

Kenny called the shots

Kenny responded to a call reporting that Robinson had been jumping in front of cars and assaulting people. He entered the apartment that Robinson had forcefully entered. Inside, Robinson hit Kenny and smacked him right into the wall, damaging it.

Kenny said he was afraid that Robinson would hit him again or would take his gun as he continued to lunge towards him.

Kenny fired seven shots. All of the shots hit Robinson at close range.


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