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Tom And Jerry Dead, Cartoon Characters Committed Suicide: Facts To Know

Tom And Jerry Dead, Cartoon Characters Committed Suicide: Facts To Know
Tom & Jerry cosplayers Gage Skidmore / Flickr cc


Tom And Jerry Dead, Cartoon Characters Committed Suicide: Facts To Know

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

The show “Tom And Jerry” has been watched and adored by billions of people across the world. But unknown to many, the show may have ended with Tom and Jerry committing suicide.

While the idea of the adorable cat and mouse taking their own lives seems dark, considering that the show is meant for kids, that is exactly what a recently circulating Facebook meme suggests.

‘Tom And Jerry’ Commit Suicide?

The horrific meme shows Tom signing away his life savings then trying to drown himself. Jerry does manage to save him, though.

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However, Jerry for some reason is seen joining a bloodshot-eyed Tom. Both of them sit on the railway tracks, waiting for the train to arrive. The meme ends with the train assumed to have crushed both while blood sprinkles everywhere!

The meme has gone viral, with people expressing their shock; some even condemned the cartoon show.

As it turns out, the meme was made by editing one particular episode in November 1956. The episode titled “Blue Cat Blues” shows Tom falling in love with a she-cat and doing everything he can to please her.

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‘Tom And Jerry’ Dead: Get The Whole Story

However, fate takes a nasty turn when Tom encounters the competition for his love affair – Mr. Butch.

The rich Mr. Butch soon steals her from Tom, and no amount of expensive gifts brings her back to Tom’s life. At last, a depressed Tom gets too drunk (relax, on milk!) and decides to commit suicide.

Jerry, who until then was convinced he was dating a faithful girl, also discovers in a similar manner that his girlfriend was cheating on her. He decides to join Tom in waiting for the train.

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This is where the meme digresses from the original episode. Because in the original episode, it cuts to black after Tom and Jerry are seen sitting heartbroken on the tracks.

This proves that the meme is a fake creation meant to shock people.

Moreover, the caption of the meme says, “Tom And Jerry Final Episode..They commit suicide..” This fact is also incorrect, since there were more episodes released after the aforementioned one. The one immediately afterwards was titled “Barbeque Brawl.”

The following was the meme that has popped up on Facebook:

Watch both episodes below and see for yourself:

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