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Tom Hanks, Wife Rita Wilson Face Charges Due To Son’s Offense

Tom Hanks, Wife Rita Wilson Face Charges Due To Son’s Offense
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Tom Hanks, Wife Rita Wilson Face Charges Due To Son’s Offense

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are currently facing a lawsuit because of their son Chet. Allegedly, Chet rear-ended someone with a car last year.

According to TMZ, the victim now came forward accusing Chet of rear-ending him. Because Chet was using his parents’ Chevy in February 2015, the parents must be held accountable.

Terry Moogan, the victim, alleged the Hollywood stars’ son is a reckless driver. The victim said Chet seems “under the influence of drugs and or alcohol at the time” of the accident. Moogan’s camp also said he sustained signficant injuries from the the impact of the vehicular accident. According to the victim’s lawyers, Moogan suffered whiplash and brain injury because he hit his head on the dashboard during the accident.

Meanwhile, the complainant insisted that both the “Forrest Gump” actor and “The Story of Us” actress should be held liable for the offense, considering that they “negligently” allowed him to drive their vehicle.

According to TMZ, no DUI was conducted on the 25-year-old when the accident happened. Moreover, Moogan stated that after the accident, Chet even pleaded with him not to call the authorities.

The lawsuit may have come as a shock to Hanks and Wilson. Daily Mail Online reported that prior to this latest news, the young Hanks was spotted with his mom at the concert of Justin Bieber in Los Angeles last week. Chet even posted a video of the “Purpose” artist’s performance on his personal Instagram account. In the said clip, it was observed that he had a great time watching the show with Wilson as he was seen all smiles.

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