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Tom Hanks’ ‘Hanx Writer’ Rules Apple App Store

Tom Hanks’ ‘Hanx Writer’ Rules Apple App Store


Tom Hanks’ ‘Hanx Writer’ Rules Apple App Store

Tom Hanks’ ‘Hanx Writer’ Rules Apple App StoreTom Hanks has released his own app. The Hollywood actor’s ‘Hanx Writer’ has already ranked No. 1 in the Apple App store’s Productivity and Overall sections. It is expected that it would continue to be popular among iOS users in the coming weeks especially as more and more people talk about it.

Hanx Writer is designed specifically for the iPad tablet. That is why it is available exclusively on iOS. There is no word yet if it would be available in other app stores for other tablets.

Hanks did not work on the app alone, though. It should be noted that it was developed in collaboration with Hitcents, an iOS developer firm. The app developer has already produced several games and many other apps in the past.

Modern typewriter

Hanx Writer was actually launched last week. It logically turns any iPad into what seems like the keyboard of an old fashioned typewriter. Thus, it facilitates the experience of pseudo-analog typing. Interestingly, users can experience the bangs of the key presses, the hard returns as well as the chimes that you hear when a new line ends.

But of course, this new app facilitates the modern convenience of correcting typos without any whiteout or white tape. Users can also enjoy the useful options to print, share, or email documents when those are completed.

The app has an on-screen keyboard. But a user can also opt to pair it with a designated Bluetooth keyboard, which can be bought also within the app. There are other typewriter models available for those who may opt for other keyboard types.

Interesting features

There are additional features that make Hanx Writer more useful and interesting to users. ‘Hanx Prime Select’ is the writers’ best friend because it makes typing easier and faster. ‘Hank 707’ can be considered as bold enough to be useful in all occasions. ‘Hanx Golden Touch,’ on the other hand is a sleek and elegant screen typewriter.

According to Hanks, this is the app that he has been dreaming of especially because it facilitates switching of machines. He noted that most of his life, he has been reading typed-out movie scripts. Thus, he made it a business idea to use the familiar typewriters he has been accustomed to in designing a new app. Hanx Writer is available for a minimal cost at App Store. 

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