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Tom Brady Suspension Update: Brady, Players’ Union File Lawsuit Vs NFL

Tom Brady Suspension Update: Brady, Players’ Union File Lawsuit Vs NFL
Tom Brady responds to reporters at Media Day WEBN-TV / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


Tom Brady Suspension Update: Brady, Players’ Union File Lawsuit Vs NFL

Here are the latest updates regarding the suspension of Patriots superstar quarterback Tom Brady for using underinflated footballs.

Brady And NFLPA Files Law-suit

Tom Brady asked federal judge in Minnesota to overturn his four-match suspension order for the scandal known as “Deflategate.” Lawyers of Wednesday’s player’s association asked DU district judge David Doty to call off the ban or at least put it on hold until the case is heard. But Brady took the fight over his ban to social media before approaching court. Patriots owner Robert Kraft also supported his superstar campaigner, saying “I was wrong to put my faith in the league.”

The league broke at least four procedural rules when it suspended reigning Super Bowl MVP for “his alleged ‘general awareness’ that somebody else violated a policy,” pointed out Attorney Jeffrey Kessler to the Associated Press.

“It would be as if you would punish one player on a team because he has been generally aware that another player on a team is taking steroids,” Kessler said.

The Association appealed to Doty to throw out the suspension before September 4. Patriots start their NFL campaign against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 10, and obtaining such a decision would enable the super-bowl MVP to feature in all practices ahead of it. Brady’s lawyers are asking for an injunction which would prevent NFL from imposing the ban, if Doty requires more time to deliver the final verdict.

“We don’t believe this discipline can ever be sustained,” Kessler said.

Questions Raised In Lawsuit

Tom Brady’s lawsuit has turned the course of things in the direction of the League itself. It has raised questions whether the NFL followed its own rules during the procedure that ended in the four-time super-Bowl winner’s suspension.

The suit filed in U.S. District Court in Minnesota claims the NFL improperly applied its penalties for ball deflation, which only has a provision of a small fine.

It also questions Commissioner Roger Goodell’s independence while he handed Brady the ban and heard his appeal.

The league can’t punish the star quarterback for violating standards that doesn’t exist, as claimed the lawsuit.

“They just invented the procedure three days ago,” Kessler said. “They didn’t know that balls automatically deflate going from hot to cold and going from dry to wet? Ninth graders taking chemistry know. How could they not know?

“So the result is that they had no fair and consistent basis to even conclude that there was an artificial deflation.”

Why Minnesota?

Kessler pointed out that they believe Doty is the right person to hear Brady’s lawsuit which claims that the NFL didn’t follow the proper procedure while suspending him.

The league though already has one suit in motion, which was filed immediately after Goodell turned down Brady’s appeal to stick to the decision of four-game ban. Traditionally, the first to file gets the choice to select the location for legal proceedings.

But Brady’s case could be compared to the Adrian Peterson case, which was heard in Minneapolis, according to Kessler.

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