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Toddler Survives China Building Collapse, Wrapped In Dead Father’s Embrace

Toddler Survives China Building Collapse, Wrapped In Dead Father’s Embrace
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Toddler Survives China Building Collapse, Wrapped In Dead Father’s Embrace

It is a father’s last desperate act to save his child’s life, even if it meant sacrificing himself.

At least 22 people had died when four six-storey residential buildings collapsed in Wenzhou, eastern Zhejiang, China on Monday.

Some 28 survivors were pulled out from the rubble with the young girl, three-year-old Wu Ningxi, being the last one to be rescued alive. According to a report from AFP, she had been protected by her father’s tight embrace underneath all the debris. When rescue came, the young girl’s father had already died.

“The child was able to survive entirely thanks to the fact that her dad used his own flesh and blood to prop up a life-saving space for his daughter,” explained a rescuer to China Youth Daily. Wu’s half-naked body was carried out and placed on a stretcher. She had dust from the rubble all over her hair and body.

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It turns out that Wu’s entire family had been buried under the collapse buildings. It seems that the entire family had been in their home’s living room when the collapse suddenly happened. Her mother’s body was later discovered not far from where Wu and her father. a local shoe factory worker, was found.

The cause of the buildings’ sudden collapse remains under investigation. However, preliminary analysis indicates that a poor quality of construction coupled with heavy rains may have contributed to the incident.

According to a report from CNN, the rescue operation involved 800 people. State news agency Xinhua said that all rescue efforts were finished by around 1 A.M. on Tuesday.

After the fatal tragedy, neighboring buildings that were constructed back in the 1970s are now being demolished in order to prevent another possible structure collapse.

Meanwhile, following her rescue, Wu is said to only have suffered from minor injuries. It is currently unclear who will take custody of Wu after she recovers.

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