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Toddler Falls Into Cheetah Quarter At Cleveland Metroparks

Toddler Falls Into Cheetah Quarter At Cleveland Metroparks
Image from Flickr by Tambako the Jaguar


Toddler Falls Into Cheetah Quarter At Cleveland Metroparks

Image from Flickr by Tambako the Jaguar

Image from Flickr by Tambako the Jaguar

A two-year-old boy fell into a quarter of cheetahs being shown to the public in an exhibit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on April 11. The toddler fell after the mother dangled him onto the railings in the hopes of giving him a better view of the cheetah.

Boy suffered leg injury

Fortunately, the parents were able to take him out of the exhibit quarter, and the cheetahs have not attempted to approach the boy, who was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center and is now in stable condition, reported.

The drop was high according to eye witness

“We were coming around the gorillas and we heard a kid screaming. You saw how far the drop was and you just couldn’t believe the kid didn’t hurt himself from falling down on the ground. I’m looking at the cheetahs and then all I hear is the screams. Everything happened so quick,” Michael Lurie told

Another witness, Terra Lurie, said the cheetahs were fortunately behaved.

“I think they were just curious as to what was going on and why somebody was in the pen with them because it’s not every day that somebody is just in the pen with them. And everyone else is screaming and they probably got scared,” she said.

Parents could face criminal charges

Cleveland Metroparks is reportedly considering filing charges for child endangering against the boy’s parents.

“While this incident is disturbing to everyone, we are glad injuries were not any more severe. Unfortunately we have a number of eyewitness accounts that point to the strong likelihood that the child was dangled over the railing,” Dr. Christopher Kuhar, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Executive Director, told

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